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The remains of a married father-of-three who was reported missing in Argentina have been found inside a shark that was caught by fishermen.

Diego Barría vanished on February 18 after he went out for a ride on his all-terrain vehicle in the southern province of Chubut.

The 32-year-old’s wrecked ATV was found by a search team at a beach near Rocas Coloradas on February 20. They also located Barría’s helmet, which was dented and broken near the chin area.

On Sunday, two fishermen reeled in three school sharks around 8:30 am near where Barría’s ATV was located and made the gruesome discovery while they were cleaning one of the sharks.

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‘I was so unlucky that I found it myself,’ one of the fishermen said in an audio clip of a conversation that was obtained by the Argentine newspaper Diario Jornada. ‘I went fishing and I open the shark’s belly and I found a forearm with a tattoo.’

Barría’s family was able to confirm that it was him because of the pink, green and red tattoo that had the name, ‘Josefina,’ inscribed.

Barría was last seen on February 18 at 10:30 pm after he went out for a ride to the countryside.

He is said to have greeted three fishermen friends and another person, who was the last to see him alive.

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