“I believe it is our god-given right to protect ourselves against any act of violence.””Gun owners are not the enemies, and gun control laws are not the solution.”

Posted BY: Adan Salazar

The mother of a 19-year-old man who was shot and killed in a senseless act of violence condemned lawmakers’ efforts to further restrict firearms, arguing she deserves the right to defend herself from evil.

Speaking before a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing on gun control Wednesday, Lucretia Hughes, a member of DC Project – Women For Gun Rights, testified that despite losing her son to so-called gun violence she is not in favor of infringing on the Second Amendment.

Hughes described to the Committee the moments she learned her son had been killed at a party.

“Our 19 year old son Emmanuel went to a party early that night… I found out that he was shot point blank in the head and killed while playing dominoes.”

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“A convicted felon killed my son with an illegally obtained gun,” she said.

“Our gun control lobbyists and politicians claim that their policies will save lives and reduce violence,” she said. “Well, those policies did not save my son.” 

“The laws being discussed are already implemented in cities across this country. We have decades of evidence proving they do not work.”

“Ten more laws, 2o more laws, 1,000 more won’t make what is already illegal more wrong, or stop criminals from committing these crimes,” the grieving mother added.

“Thoughts and prayers and calls for more gun control isn’t enough… how about letting me defend myself from evil?” she said.

Hughes went on to claim the gun rights lobby was attempting to keep guns out of black people’s hands.

“You don’t think that I’m capable and trustworthy to handle a firearm. You don’t think that the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to people that look like me? And you who are called for more gun controls are the same ones that are calling to defund the police.

“Who is supposed to protect us? We must prepare to be our own first responders, to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

“I am a legal, law-abiding citizen, and I don’t need the government to save me.”

Hughes went on to chastise police in Uvalde, Texas, and Parkland, Florida, for failing to rescue children in a timely manner, and called for a ban on gun-free zones.

“Despite living with the heartache of losing my son on a daily basis, I believe it is our God-given right to defend ourselves from any act of violence,” she stated.

“Making it more difficult, or even more expensive for me and people that look like me and other law abiding citizens will not make us safer. It will embolden the criminals.”

“Gun owners are not the enemies in these gun control policies are not the solution,” she concluded.

Following the mom’s comments, House Democrats proceeded to pass a sweeping gun control bill that would raise the age of semi-automatic rifle purchases to 21.