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Another severe weather outbreak could unleash havoc tomorrow after at least 32 people were killed as tornadoes ripped through parts of the Midwest and South over the weekend. 

The extreme weather may affect some of the same areas that were hit by Friday’s deadly tornadoes.

S​severe thunderstorms are possible during the afternoon and evening from parts of Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana southward to portions of Missouri, Arkansas, eastern Oklahoma, and northeast Texas, according to The Weather Channel.

T​here appear to be two corridors where there will be a relatively larger threat of severe weather.

One area is from central Missouri into central and eastern Iowa, southwest Wisconsin and northwest Illinois. 

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The other stretches from southern Missouri into much of Arkansas, southeast Oklahoma and far northeast Texas.

Destructive straight-line winds, large hail and tornadoes could all potentially arise. Some tornadoes could be of EF2+ intensity.

N​ight time tornadoes are also possible, according to The Weather Channel. 

T​he storm system could produce more severe weather as it pushes farther east on Wednesday, especially in parts of the eastern Great Lakes and Ohio Valley, including Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Buffalo.

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