Source: Joe Hoft

President Trump’s good friend Tom Barrack was released from jail yesterday after being charged by the corrupt and political DOJ with acting as an agent for the UAE.

The Daily Mail reported yesterday:

[President] Donald Trump‘s billionaire ally Thomas Barrack is being released on $250 million bond after being charged with illegally lobbying the Trump administration on behalf of the United Arab Emirates.

The 74-year-old reached a deal with prosecutors on Friday that will see him released from custody while he awaits trial on charges of illegal lobbying.

A federal magistrate judge in Los Angeles signed off on the conditions of the agreement, which will include surrendering his passport, complying with a curfew, and wearing an ankle bracelet with GPS monitoring.

[Notice how the media now refers to President Donald Trump as “Donald Trump”.]

At the same time this week, Tony Podesta obtains a position working for the China company Huawei which was highlighted by President Trump.  This Chinese company has technology on their devices that would allow China the ability to spy on Americans.

The corrupt DOJ and FBI have never been more corrupt.  They now remind average Americans of the rogue police forces used in corrupt nations throughout history.