Twitter has yet to reinstate the account of Alex Jones and many others free speech is slowly being restored on one of many major social media platforms

Posted BY: Kara | NwoReport

Several American patriots were given their Twitter accounts back on Friday after being unjustly suspended by the social media platform’s left-wing former executives.

The popular political activists include Infowars reporter Greg Reese, My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, former MLB player Aubrey Huff, actress and podcast host Mindy Robinson, entrepreneur Steve Kirsch, Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit and attorney Rogan O’Handley.

In an epic first tweet back, Lindell thanked Elon Musk for restoring his account and wrote, “by the way MELTDOWN THE ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES AND TURN THEM INTO PRISON BARS!”

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