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Health officials say two mosquito pools in South Georgia have tested positive for Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE).

EEE is a rare virus that’s spread to people through the bite of an infected mosquito.

While there are only a few cases reported each year in the United States, EEE has an approximate 30% fatality rate.

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And many survivors have ongoing neurological problems.

WSB-TV reported:

“While it is not uncommon for mosquito-borne illnesses to be identified within our communities this time of year, it is important that we not become complacent to the risks,” said Kenneth Lowery, the district epidemiologist with Georgia Department of Public Health’s South Health District. “Avoiding going outside during peak mosquito times and making sure you are taking precautions when you are outside are the best defenses against mosquito-borne illnesses.”

Upon learning about these South Georgia mosquito pools, I instantly remembered something that has recently occurred in neighboring Florida.

Bill Gates-funded Oxitec released genetically modified mosquitos into the Sunshine State.

Is there a connection?