‘Directly undermines talking points of their own conservative talk-show hosts’

Posted BY: | NwoReport

Fox News, already reeling from its ejection of popular anchor Tucker Carlson, has come completely out of the closet, as it were, using its programming and on-air talent to celebrate LGBT “Pride Month” like never before.

The self-styled “fair and balanced” network, based in heavily gay-populated New York City, has long supported homosexual advocacy behind the scenes through its annual contributions to an LGBT “journalists association.”

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This includes, shockingly, a June 2022 piece promoting opposite-sex “gender transitions” for children that regurgitates transgender-activist talking points without providing the “balance” of an opposing viewpoint. As with several other segments airing under Fox’s celebration of “LGBTQ+ Pride Month,” that story about trans teen Ryland Whittington was reported by the network’s openly homosexual reporter, Bryan Llenas.

With Fox’s blessing, Llenas appears to be coming into his own as the network’s chief on-air, LGBT ambassador, using his role in the corporation to produce segments overflowing with gay- and trans-activist jargon, thus coming off more as a “gay” cheerleader than an impartial journalist.

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