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The mainstream media is working hard, churning out the propaganda, as even the ruling class’s data shows that boosted Americans are still getting sick with the disease the shots were supposed to prevent.

As COVID-19 cases began to accelerate again this spring, federal data suggest the rate of breakthrough COVID infections in April was worse in boosted Americans compared to unboosted Americans — though rates of deaths and hospitalizations remained the lowest among the boosted.

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The propaganda spinning immediately began as soon as the data began to show those who have been injected several times are not doing nearly as well as those who have refrained from taking the shots. The mainstream media wants you to know that it isn’t the booster shots that are increasing the risk of getting COVID:

The new data do not mean booster shots are somehow increasing the risk. Ongoing studies continue to provide strong evidence of additional protection offered by booster shots against infection, severe disease, and death.

Instead, the shift underscores the growing complexity of measuring vaccine effectiveness at this stage of the pandemic. It comes as officials are weighing key decisions on booster shots and pandemic surveillance, including whether to continue using the “crude case rates” at all. -CBS News

“During this Omicron wave, we’re seeing an increased number of mild infections — at-home type of infections, the inconvenient, having a cold, being off work, not great but not the end of the world. And that’s because these Omicron variants are able to break through antibody protection and cause these mild infections,” John Moore, a professor of microbiology and immunology at Weill Cornell Medical College, told CBS News. But people were getting colds before they were getting COVID, so this isn’t really anything new. It’s sure being spun like it’s at all new.

It’s also convenient that most of the dumbed-down masses are now focusing on monkeypox instead of the vaccines that are maiming and killing people.

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Moore even alluded to the fact that the vaccines don’t work, the problem is people somehow believe they do. (Wonder where they got that idea, mainstream media.) “So, one of the dynamics here is that people feel, after vaccination and boosting, that they’re more protected than they actually are, so they increase their risks,” he said. “That, I think, is the major driver of these statistics.”

But don’t worry if you’re boosted! Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky recently told reporters that her agency was in talks with the Food and Drug Administration about extending the option for second boosters to more adults. So even though the first three shots didn’t work, they are going to want you lined up for a fourth.

This is the same CDC director who already admitted that vaccines don’t prevent transmission.