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With the 2022 midterm elections right around the corner, the Democrats and even news outlets have been keeping tabs on the massive wave of red that is predicted to take over D.C. this coming November. Not only have polls predicted the GOP gaining heavy ground during the midterm elections, but the primaries have already shown the Republicans being heavily favored by voters. And to make it worse for the Democrats, MSNBC recently discussed why so many Hispanic Americans are turning away from the liberal party for more conservative values. While most might believe President Joe Biden is to blame, reporter Paola Ramos tried to put it on toxic culture wars and paranoia. 


Appearing on José Díaz-Balart Reports with guest host Chris Jansing, the reporter noted, “Chris, that’s the story we heard in 2020. You know, that is the familiar story, this idea that what drove many Latina voters towards Trumpism in 2020 was this fear of socialism, but what we found now, two years later, is that the way that this country is being polarized, right? With the disinformation, with these really, really, really toxic culture wars, with the extremism, all of that is feeding off that fear of socialism and communism.”

Ramos explained how many Latina mothers were scared of socialism being taught in schools. “They’re disrupting the school board meetings and that is because in, they not only believe in these traditional values, but now their paranoia is that this idea of communism is infiltrating the classrooms and that is sort of the new Latina voter that I’m starting to see in Florida.”

Having spoken with members of Hispanic community, Ramos concluded, “What a lot of these Latina moms are saying, they’re regurgitating many of the same talking points you probably heard in Virginia. They’re anti-Critical Race Theory, they’re anti-LGBTQ issues being taught in schools, they’re anti-COVID protections. I think the added layer in Florida is again, goes back to that fear of socialism.”

While not wanting to blame the Democrats or Biden administration, many of the points listed above are narratives promoted by the DNC.