Network’s reporter echoed Iranian state media propaganda.

MSNBC Amplified Fake News That Iranian Attack Had Killed 30 U.S. Soldiers

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During the Iranian missile attack on U.S. air bases in Iraq, MSNBC amplified a fake news claim by Iranian state media that the air assault had killed 30 U.S. troops.

Shortly after it was confirmed that Iran had launched the retaliation attack, rumors began circulating on Twitter, having originated with Iranian state media and pro-Iran propaganda accounts, that the attack had killed at least 20 U.S. soldiers.

This figure quickly rose to 30, at which point MSNBC’s Ali Arouzi went on air to report the fake number.

“This bit I’m not sure about, but Iran state media is claiming that 30 U.S. soldiers have been killed in this attack, this is not confirmed, this is just coming from Iranian media,” said Arouzi.

The death toll figure was broadcast despite the attack having taken place less than 2 hours earlier.

Commentators on Twitter immediately slammed MSNBC for their irresponsible reporting.

“MSNBC helped Iran push the false claim that 30 U.S. soldiers were killed tonight in their attack. Zero were killed,” remarked Jason Howerton. “This isn’t just fake news, this is so damn disrespectful to the family members of those deployed. Do better or delete your network.”

“Look at this terrible human at MSNBC reporting Iranian propaganda with zero verification,” said Seth Wethers. “Of course Iran is telling their people they’ve killed Americans. That’s how dictatorships work This idiot should never be allowed on TV again. Ever.”

“Today CNN settled a lawsuit for spreading fake news. And nothing has changed,” commented Mike Cernovich.

It’s interesting to note that Ali Arouzi is also boosting Iran’s dubious explanation that Ukraine International Airlines jet that fell out of the sky over Tehran earlier this morning did so because of “mechanical issues,” despite a wealth of evidence suggesting it was accidentally shot down.