Wait till you see how the fake news outlet covered the January 6 Capitol protest.

Source: Jamie White

MSNBC once again raised the bar for insane commentary, this time lauding the Taliban’s violent takeover of Afghanistan as a “relatively peaceful” affair.

Yes, really.

“It’s been a relatively peaceful, if you like, process. They haven’t had to fire a lot of shots,” an MSNBC reporter said Monday of the Taliban. “There hasn’t been a lot of bloodshed in Kabul. This was a pretty straightforward takeover for them.”

“They have also taken over the airport. There have been reports of shots fired at the airport and Taliban fighters are all over the place, but they’re not in any sort of clashes with U.S. personnel.”

Actual footage from the ground in Afghanistan shows a starkly different story — bodies of executed civilians littering the streets of Kabul and elsewhere from the Taliban’s insurrection.Carnage on Kandahar Streets After Taliban Pull People from Their Homes and Slaughter Them

The death and destruction is so peaceful that thousands of people trapped at the Kabul airport were seen desperately clamoring and swarming around military aircraft evacuating American diplomats and women and children as the Taliban surrounded the facility.

MSNBC’s deferential coverage of the Taliban’s takeover is also much different from its coverage of the January 6 Capitol protest – which they called an “armed insurrection” – where none of the protesters were armed and the only person who was murdered was unarmed veteran Ashli Babbitt by an unnamed Capitol Police officer.

For example, here’s MSNBC anchor Nicole Wallace accusing Donald Trump just last week of “inciting violent extremism” by simply meeting to console the Babbitt family.

“Can you fathom an example of a politician of another party meeting with the mother of a domestic terrorist and the other party really just sort of shrugging it off? Where are we? I mean, where are we in our politics that the ex-president, inciting violent extremism, meets with the mother of, by your definition and by Officer Hodges, the mother of a terrorist, and everyone kind of shrugs it off?” Wallace asked on her show. https://content.jwplatform.com/players/bYoXyWyj-o73dHpYz.html

Similarly, a hijab-clad CNN reporter recently praised the Taliban for being “friendly” while chanting “death to America.”

Once again, the meme has become reality.

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