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The most wonderful time of the year provides no relief for those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome and plain stupidity. In the case of Danielle Moodie-Mills, she says that failing to indict Trump actually means democracy dies in America.

Moodie-Mills, who hosts an aptly named podcast called “WokeAF,” appeared Saturday as a guest on former Kamala Harris spokesperson Symone Sanders’s MSNBC show Symone. Sanders asked Moodie-Mills for her thoughts on the “efficacy” of the January 6th witch hunt and “what it means for the broader efforts to hold the former president accountable.”

Here are the relevant parts of Moodie-Mill’s response via Breitbart (edited in part for clarity and fact-checked):

“I think what we saw from the bipartisan January 6 House Committee is, in fact, a thorough investigation. Using Trump’s own people, in their own words, to lay out exactly the fact that this was not just an act of happenstance, of people getting caught up in the moment. This was a plan, a strategic attack on our Capitol building and our democracy directed by the president of the United States.”

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