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Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has proved that he is a powerhouse in politics and that has some Democrats furious. Among those who are going insane is MSNBC host Joy Reid, who accused Florida of being a “far-far-far-right” state on Tuesday as Gov. DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio won historic victories.

“If there ever is a time where Florida will matriculate back to being sort of a normal political state, and not just a far, far far-right state, which I think it is now, that generation will take them there,” she said.

Her cohost Rachel Maddow said that Florida, and Miami-Dade, are beginning to get redder, in part because many Cuban-Americans vote Republican.

“Florida is a red state,” Reid said. “I think I have said this before. The challenge is, Miami-Dade has been trending Republican for a really long time. It’s been slowly slipping toward the Republican Party. And it is a 70-plus percent Hispanic county. Of the people who are Hispanic in that county, the vast majority are Cuban Americans. That’s a very conservative population. That county remained Democratic in the ’08 and 2012 elections because of one thing, Barack Obama. Barack Obama actually managed to eat into the margins.”

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