Source: Kristina Wong

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report has not yet been released, and perhaps not even finalized, but it is already on sale at least two major online retailers.

Amazon has listed a paperback version of The Mueller Report: The Final Report of the Special Counsel into Donald Trump, Russia, and Collusion for release on March 26, 2019.

Mueller is listed as the book’s co-author along with the Special Counsel’s Office U.S. Department of Justice. Its introduction would be written by famed lawyer and Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz, who has spoken in defense of President Trump in numerous interviews and criticized the Mueller investigation.

The publisher listed is Skyhorse, and the length is 960 pages.

Skyhorse’s version is also available on Barnes & Noble, for $9.40 for a paperback, and listed as a “Best Seller.”

There is also a Washington Post version, listed on Amazon for $10.50 for the paperback version, to be published by Scribner.

It is not yet clear whether, when, or how much of Mueller’s report may actually be released.

According to special counsel guidelines, Mueller would submit to Attorney General William Barr a summary of his investigation, and whether he is recommending charges, or why he declined to recommend charges. It would then be up to Barr on how much to release.

Democrats have already vowed to get that report, and Republicans are also in favor of having it released to the public.

Skyhorse project editor Nick Magliato told the New York Times that they do not know when the report will be released, and that March 26 is just a “placeholder” date. Magliato said the page count is a “complete guess.”

He said Skyhorse initially thought the report would come this week, giving them time to read, typeset, and print a hard copy of the book by March 26.

If Barr decides not to release the report, Magliato said, “Then we don’t publish it, unfortunately.” Orders would be canceled, and payments refunded, he told the Times. He said Mueller would not profit from the book’s sales.

Scribner’s publicity director Brian Belfiglio also said he settled on the March 26 date as a placeholder.