The high stakes congressional testimony of Robert Meuller will be the biggest media spectacle of the summer but Democrats may live to rue the day when they sent him a subpoena.

The Dems have never quite recovered from their disappointment over the Mueller report that not only exonerated President Trump of colluding with the Kremlin but failed to make the case for obstruction of justice.

Few have gone from hero to schmuck in the eyes of much of the rabid left faster than Bob Mueller who was to have been the long-awaited Trump slayer.

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Once the report landed with a thud, it became clear that Dems, celebs and the media had oversold Mueller as the man who would frog march President Trump and his family out of the White Hosue in handcuffs and they haven’t recovered.

So the Dems are looking to their stunt with Mueller to breathe new life into the moldering corpse of their conspiracies despite the former special counsel’s own stated reluctance to be a part of their political shenanigans.

Suicide hotlines nearly lit up when the news hit that Mueller was backing out of his July 17th commitment which was a potential disaster Dems.

Following a day of conflicting stories, it was confirmed that Mueller would descend from the sky, after all, only a week later according to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold ‘Fat Jerry’ Nadler.

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