Posted BY: SMG News Wire

At least 14 people were injured and three people were killed outside Mary’s Bar and Grille early Sunday morning in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Police Chief Celeste Murphy described a chaotic scene where at least three people were run over by vehicles when the gunfire started. One person who was struck by a car has died.

Video obtained by Newschannel 9 shows what appears to be the start of the attack.

Speaking at a news conference just after 11 a.m., Chief Murphy says investigators believe more than one person opened fire.

Murphy added that the wounded victims included one juvenile. She added that several of the victims were in critical condition.

There have been no arrests.

“This is once again a situation in which we find that we need help from the community to help us out with this, because we cannot do this by ourselves,” Murphy said. “This is clearly a tragic event for the families involved and the victims.”

But she says there is no immediate danger to the public.

It has been a violent weekend in American cities. Over the past 18 hours, 15 people were shot in Philadelphia and 9 were shot in Phoenix.