Source: Cristina Laila

Update: Multiple people are dead and at least injured after a person driving an SUV plowed through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin on Sunday evening.

“Some injured are children and are some fatalities as a result of this incident,” Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson said.

There are also reports of gunshots being fired from the SUV.


Graphic video of the driver plowing over people in the parade:

The SUV came within inches of hitting a dancing toddler:

A Fox 6 reporter said the person driving the SUV mowed through a dance team of girls between the ages of 9 and 15 years old.

Fox 8 Live reported:

Police are asking people to avoid the downtown area of Waukesha.

According to WBAY’S affiliate WISN, a witness tells them she saw a driver in an SUV “barreling down the street” into people who were marching in the city’s Christmas parade.

The witness also told WISN she saw at least four injured people not moving on the ground, and saw at least one person flipped over the hood of the SUV, adding the driver kept going and did not stop.

Another witness tells WISN the SUV was estimated to be traveling about 40 mph when it hit the crowd of people.

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