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As Biden’s aides complain about the lack of positive coverage about the ‘Biden Plan’, Tesla’s founder Elon Musk weighed in and became the talk of the day when he took a swipe at Biden’s Build Back Better plan.

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Musk was a guest at a DC forum when he was asked about how Tesla executives were feeling about the infrastructure bill, and in a surprise, answer Musk threw the forum and the news cycle for a loop when he came down hard on the plan – dismissing its purpose and calling it out as ‘a loss’ that would be unacceptable in any company,

Years ago Joe Biden recommended his former boss take a “victory lap” after then-President Barack Obama passed a 2009 law meant to recover the country’s economy amid the Great Recession. However, Biden’s own sales tour backing his $1.2 trillion bipartisan

infrastructure spending bill has been suppressed by his dull stage presence, the House passing the measure when the electorate is distracted by the holiday season, and his limited media interviews, especially with local press. Musk’s comments actually pushed aside a media offensive by the Biden team yesterday and consumed the storyline – while at the same time confirming what the Biden team has alleged – the media are treating Biden fairly and that means, not enthusiastic about his presidency. Contrast that with the harsh treatment they gave President Trump and it’s almost as if they like Biden.

The White House touted Biden’s offering, in part to satisfy Democrats worried about public view of the President and the party before next year’s midterm elections. The plan was to conduct public and private events around the country, joined with a comprehensive media strategy, such as local press displays.

The White House has maintained that the Omicron COVID-19 variant will not hinder Biden’s travel schedule yet. He paid a visit to Maryland, Michigan,

and New Hampshire since the November 6 passage of the infrastructure deal. He has only talked to a Cincinnati TV station in Ohio in addition to a delayed bill signing ceremony and confusing answers to reporter questions. Former President Donald Trump won Ohio by eight percentage points last year.

“I would very much like that to happen,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters this week. “We are always competing with time on the schedule — I’m going, to be honest. His schedule has been quite packed. But he would like to do it. We’re working to get it on schedule.”

Local media is another way the White House can join with voters when Biden’s job approval numbers are low. His aides repeatedly find themselves at differences with more significant national outlets.

“In case you’re wondering where the WH press corps’ priorities are, during today’s briefing, there were… Seven questions about the president’s congestion. Zero questions about today’s jobs data, which showed the unemployment rate plummeting to 4.2%,” White House spokesman Michael Gwin tweeted Friday after Psaki was hit with multiple inquiries regarding Biden’s health.

The White House has attempted to incorporate out-of-state local media during Friday press briefings, but technical issues have prevented some reporters from being heard. The Boston Globe and Dallas Morning News have permanent seats in the room, while local journalists also have the option of sitting in a rotating spot in the fifth row.

Obama-era press secretary Eric Schultz defended the White House, insisting the team is aware of “how important their communications imperatives are right now.”

“It’s clear to anyone paying attention that they are leaving no stone unturned,” he told the Washington Examiner.

But Schultz, who still works for Obama, claimed Biden’s time “is just one tool in the arsenal.”