Source: NwoReport

In a Saturday night interview, Donald Trump shared some sharp words about President Joe Biden, insisting his Democratic rival will take the United States to “a point where the country can’t come back.”

On Sunday, he proceeded to strike the 79-year-old commander-in-chief when he published a new ad declaring “Joe Biden stole Christmas.”

It comes as Biden grapples with a supply chain disaster and record inflation leading to empty shelves and high prices for angry Americans going into the holiday season.

“This country has tremendous potential, tremendous, but we’re giving it away, and there’ll be a point where the country can’t come back, and we can never allow that point to be reached,” Trump, 75, told Fox News.

He was speaking to host Mark Levin to promote his new picture-heavy coffee table book Our Journey Together, filled with photos from his four years in the White House. The $75 book goes on sale on December 7.

Throughout the interview, Trump spent much of his time denouncing Biden and his policies, including the $1.75 trillion social and climate reform package Democrats are attempting to pass in the Senate.

He insisted, seemingly out of the blue, that even Biden’s former boss is bothered.

“I noticed the other day where Obama said ‘this is very dangerous’ all of these – you know, what they’ve done. It’s too much for him,” Trump stated.

It’s not clear what he was referring to – yet many former Obama administration officials have spoken out regarding some aspects of Biden’s presidency. The popular Democrat has expressed nothing but care for his ex-vice president.

Yet recently Obama’s former economic adviser Larry Summers announced Biden was “behind the curve” and speeding on a “downhill road” when it comes to fighting inflation.

The prices of consumer goods increased 6.2 percent from October 2020 to this year, a rate not seen in over three decades.

Trump seemed to comment on Summers’ comments in the interview: “When they look at [Obama’s] top economic people are looking at this inflation, and they’re seeing these bills that are being passed for trillions and trillions of dollars where it’s like throwing money out the window.’

‘These are Obama people telling Biden people “you can’t do this” but they push forward anyway.”

He further compared the two Democratic presidents, insisting people are more vocal regarding their dislike for Biden because they were afraid to “insult” Obama.

“If you look, President Obama was very divisive, but people were quieter about it. They didn’t want to insult him, but he was very divisive,” Trump announced. “But the Biden administration is far worse.”

A 32-second video by Trump’s Save America PAC likewise seized on Biden’s handling of the economy.