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A grieving South Carolina woman experienced what some might call a “sign” when she looked up and saw something dubbed “the angel cloud” on social media.

Karen Harman says it appeared in a largely cloudless sky over her home in Myrtle Beach, and she managed to get a single photo showing it appeared to have wings and a face the color of a rainbow.

That photo has gotten about 7,500 reactions and comments on social media, including some who say it appeared to be glowing.

“At first glance, it was just a plain white wispy cloud, which I said to myself that it looked like an angel,” she told McClatchy News.

“I immediately snapped a picture of it. Only seconds and I mean seconds later, a rainbow ‘face’ appeared. As quickly as I snapped it, it disappeared. My hands were shaking, fumbling with video mode, picture mode, trying my hardest to not miss the opportunity of capturing it.”

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