‘I feel it’s against my rights as a student,’ says female student athlete


“My privacy’s being invaded”: Female Student Says She’s "Uncomfortable" With New "Unrestricted" Transgender Locker Room Policy

Source:  | Infowars.com 

A student at a high school in Illinois voiced her opposition to a new transgender policy that allows male students to change in the girls’ locker room.

Students had mixed reactions following the Palatine-Shaumburg District 211 school board’s 5-2 decision last Thursday to pass the policy, which grants transgender students “unrestricted” locker room access.

“I feel uncomfortable. My privacy’s being invaded,” Fremd High School student athlete Julia Burca stated in an interview following the vote.

“As a swimmer, I change multiple times, naked, in front of the other students in the locker room,” Burca said.

“I feel very uncomfortable and I feel it’s against my rights as a student,” Burca said in another interview.


Another female student interviewed by ABC 7 Chicago related, “I do not want to see a transgender student naked in the locker rooms.”

Meanwhile, purple-haired trans student Nova Maday was happy the policy was enacted, but says it didn’t go far enough.

“I’m ecstatic,” Maday said in an interview.

“It’s definitely a first step forward in many more steps. It’s a great policy. Unfortunately it’s not everything we want,” Maday stated.

Maday was one of the students who filed a lawsuit against the district back in 2017 over locker room access, claiming his gender identity trumped natural biology.

According to ABC 7, the board indicated that only students who’ve “officially identified” as a different gender will be allowed access to the locker room “that corresponds to their identity.”