Conspiracy theorists have ruled out the lights being Chinese lanterns, given their positioning and that they’re “not flickering”

The lights seen moving across the night sky in Texas

Source: Daily Star

Bizarre footage showing several red UFOs hovering in the night sky in Texas has sparked a conspiracy frenzy.

The strange video, taken in the city of El Paso, shows eight bright lights slowly moving across the sky.

Four seemed clustered in a group with the bottom orb appearing to flash much like a plane. Ahead of them, a further four can be seen flying away in a line.

The video was taken by Mario Rios at around 7.15pm on March 17. After posting it to YouTube, the clip was picked up by popular conspiracy channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0.

“So in this footage, we can see these red orbs following some sort of flight path as they go over this building,” the channel owner said.

“Now, I know we could write these off as Chinese lanterns, but they don’t seem to be flickering and seem to be following a path.

“If you look at the two at the front, they seem to be very tight together.

“It’s not so easy to write this off as Chinese lanterns. And also, Mario does sound a bit scared.”

Hundreds of people have seen the clip, with many voicing their own thoughts on what the objects could be in the comments section.

“These aren’t Chinese lanterns,” one wrote. “You’re going to see in the time to come what they really are.”

The objects seemed to be moving in a formation
The objects seemed to be moving in a formation

Another bizarre claimed to have seen the same lights in Brazil, adding: “There were more than 50 lights, which ran in the sky and disappeared into space.”

A third suggested: “Those lights are ours. It is said that 75% of those lights are our own. Reverse-engineered.”

But some were more practical, suggesting they were nothing more than drones.

It comes after a huge triangular UFO was caught on camera above Texas.