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A Missouri doctor has been reported missing after he failed to turn up for work and his car was found abandoned in a park in the Ozarks. 

Dr. John Forsyth, did not turn up to his shift on Sunday evening at Mercy Hospital in Cassville, where he works as a physician.

His friends and family soon raised the alarm and his car was located abandoned in the Cassville Aquatic Center car park – less than a mile from the hospital.  

The doors were found unlocked with the keys inside, police said. 

Forsyth was last seen at his trailer near the hospital at 7 am on Sunday after leaving the clinic. 

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Authorities found two cell phones in his trailer but search dogs and a heat signature drone brought up no evidence in the surrounding area.  

Tiffany Andelin, Forsyth’s sister, pleaded for anyone with information to contact the police or her family. 

‘My brother is missing. If anyone knows anything, please contact us. I’m so worried, I’m a mess. That’s all I can say right now,’ she wrote on Facebook

She added that her brother had been a doctor in the Aurora area for many years and would hopefully be recognizable to many in the local community.  

Forsyth’s brother, whose name was not given, told KOLR that ‘this is very unusual for him, this is a punctual man who’s never missed a day of work in his life. Not even for being sick.’ 

He described the finding of his brother’s car by Highway Patrol as in a very odd location’.

‘He is a very good, generous, kind, and patient man. He is a person admired by a lot of people. He is a great doctor who works very hard, who has given a lot of his free time to helping people.’ 

He added: ‘He is like a guardian angel to me.’ 

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