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The city of İstanbul was caught on video being thrust into nighttime in the middle of the day as a terrifying black cloud engulfed the sky.

The video, which has been shared on social media and amassed hundreds of thousands of views, shows the Turkish capital turning pitch black as a roiling cloud descended across the city on Tuesday.

“A cloud 7 kilometers thick passed over İstanbul. In the meantime, the sun disappeared in 5 minutes, and the day turned into night. Some people commented on the apocalypse,” the Turkish meteorological forum Hava Forum tweeted while sharing the video.

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As the dark cloud descended across İstanbul, heavy rain began to fall across the city. The strange sight mystified other internet users.

“The end is near,” one person commented on a different post sharing the video, while another Twitter user asked, “What the hell is it?”

Technology news site TechnoPixel suggested that this thick cloud may have been a particularly large and dark-colored cumulonimbus cloud. Also known as thunderclouds, they often have a very dark, low-hanging base, reaching as low as a few hundred feet above the ground, the United Kingdom’s Meteorological (Met) Office explained. Cumulonimbus clouds are the only clouds that produce hail, thunder, and lightning, and also lead to heavy rain showers.

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