Okay, so let’s get something straight right from the beginning. Nancy Pelosi says some really bizarre things, and that’s when she’s SOBER.

Yes, she is fun to have at a gathering, whether she’s misquoting the bible or claiming that Martin Luther King, Jr. said that the most unjust inequality all of is not having access to healthcare.

Her lucidity has been questioned from the right and the left for years. Here’s an older video montage of her gaffe’s from 2016:

Her hilarious MLK quote is shown below, as reported by Asian Green News:

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said that of all the inequalities the most unjust and stunning is the injustice of access to healthcare, because people will die…

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Kind of makes you chuckle, doesn’t it? Even left-leaning Huffington Post tried to save her by finding something, ANYTHING to give her quote some documentation, but they were unable to do so. You can read about that HERE.

Lately, though, it hasn’t been her COMMENTARY that is troubling, but rather HOW she is saying it. The Washington Times wrote a piece called “The Unraveling of Pelosi is a Sad Sight” where they stated the following:

Nancy Pelosi, the top Democrat in the House of Representatives, is, in a word, a mess.

Then after taking a considerable amount of space to say nice things about her, to sandwich the blow, they then said:

Now, the bad news. She’s done — she’s past done.

Their comments are not surprising due to the fact that her speech is increasing slurred and incoherent. Some have noted that Pelosi may be self-medicating because she is ready to be done, but feels obligated.

From The Daily Sheeple:

She obviously really did think Hillary was going to win and has said she would be gone by now if Hillary had. But Hillary didn’t win. And now Nancy’s increasingly bizarre behavior as of late is leading many people to ask if her alcoholism’s been kicked up a notch, if her prescription meds have been dosed improperly, or if she’s really just completely losing it altogether.

Her most recent blunders include clapping like a seal with a drunken smirk at the State of the Union that became an immediate social media sensation:

Many tried to rescue her, claiming it was really a “f**k you” clap where she was mocking the president. The truth is that she was ACTUALLY SERIOUS, trying to show solidarity.

As reported by USA Today:

 While continuing her seemingly targeted applause, she locked eyes with the president and smirked. Video of the moment went viral with many concluding that the California Democrat had invented a petty version of applause.

But, Pelosi claims that wasn’t her attempt.

“It wasn’t sarcastic,” she told reporters on Wednesday.

So she’s clearly a liar, or inebriated. My vote is for inebriated, especially in light of more recent comments she’s made.

This from the Daily Caller:

“Last week, soybean futures hit a nine-year low. Soy boyn…soybean futures hit a nine-year low,” she said in a video first highlighted by The American Mirror.

“120, 130, 125, 130 million Americans have pre-existing conditions,” she also confusingly said. Later in the video, she tells a reporter to “repoot” a question.

So, has her “alcoholism’s been kicked up a notch?” Have her prescription medications “been dosed improperly?” Is she just “losing it altogether?”  Or perhaps, all three?!

What are your thoughts?  Leave you comments below!