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Actor and musician Cody Longo has died at only 34 years old. He was best known for his roles in “Hollywood Heights” and “Days of Our Lives.”

The actor’s death was reported by TMZ, who was told by a family member that Longo’s body was found in bed at his Austin, Texas, residence.

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The family member told TMZ that Longo’s wife, Stephanie, was not at home at the time and was at a local dance studio where she works.

When Longo didn’t answer his phone, Stephanie called the police and asked officers to check up on him, according to TMZ.

Police arrived at the home and, after getting no response, kicked down the door, TMZ reported. They found Longo’s body inside.

While no official cause of death has been released to the public, the family member told TMZ they believe it’s due to his history of alcoholism.

The family member told TMZ that Longo has previously struggled with alcohol abuse and likely relapsed.

Along with his wife Stephanie, Longo leaves behind three children: a 7-year-old daughter and two sons ages 5 and 1.

Stephanie paid tribute to her husband in a statement to People, saying that, “Cody was our whole world. The kids and I are shattered and beyond devastated.

She told TMZ, “He was an amazing father and the best husband.”

In his career as an actor, Longo is known for his role in several television shows, though he has also appeared in films.

Many have pointed out his appearance in the soap opera “Days of Our Lives,” which focuses on the lives of people in the fictional midwestern city of Salem.

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