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A law enforcement advocate says he is torn over public demands to release the so-called “manifesto” of the Covenant School killer considering warnings about its content but says transparency ultimately demands it despite valid concerns.

The FBI is reportedly holding on to the manifesto written by transgender shooter Audrey Hale, a 28-year-old female. She killed six people at the private Christian school on March 27 before quick-reacting Nashville police officers located and killed her.

In an April story, The New York Post said a Tennessee state lawmaker and a Nashville city council member separately told the Post the FBI was holding up public release of the manifesto due to detailed content that is a “blueprint” for another shooting.

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In a follow-up story, published last week, the Post said the Metro Nashville Police Department is citing lawsuits demanding its public release as a reason for not releasing it. The lawsuits were filed by the National Police Association and the Tennessee Firearms Association.

Randy Sutton of The Wounded Blue, a retired police lieutenant, says the concern from law enforcement appears to be fear of “copycat killings” inspired by Hale’s warped writings.

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