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In a recent revelation, the National Archives has confirmed the existence of 5,138 email messages and 25 electronic files linked to Joe Biden’s pseudonym accounts:,, and This development came to light following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by the conservative group Southeastern Legal Foundation.

The National Archives’ response to this request arrived in August, raising significant questions about Joe Biden’s previous statements denying any involvement in Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Notably, evidence emerged that Joe and Hunter Biden were included in an email discussing an upcoming phone call with the Ukrainian president.

The House Oversight Committee Chairman had previously reported on two emails sent by Biden-aide John Flynn to Joe and Hunter Biden on May 27, 2016, and June 15, 2016. These emails provided further substance to the growing concerns surrounding the Biden family’s connections to various business deals.

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However, FOX News reported that the National Archives failed to meet specific deadlines for providing Joe Biden’s pseudonym emails to the House Oversight Committee. Instead, they granted additional time to Joe Biden and former President Obama to review and approve the release of these records. This approach contrasts with how President Trump was treated during investigations.

While President Biden promised transparency in his administration, certain restrictions under the Freedom of Information Act, particularly related to national security and law enforcement, could impact the release of these records.

Furthermore, emails from Joe Biden’s vice presidency fall under the Presidential Records Act of the Obama administration, adding another layer of complexity to their public disclosure.

The Southeastern Legal Foundation, which initiated the lawsuit for access to these pseudonym emails, received a response from the National Archives in June 2022. However, these emails are still in the public queue, and it remains uncertain when or if they will be made public.

In a recent development, the Gateway Pundit released an email from May 26, 2016, sent to Joe Biden’s secret email account using the pseudonym “Robert L. Peters.” This email is significant because it precedes an official government call on May 27, 2016, involving Joe Biden and the Ukrainian president.

This ongoing saga raises questions about transparency, accountability, and the extent of the Biden family’s involvement in various business dealings, highlighting the challenges of accessing and disclosing sensitive government records.