Source: Nworeport

On July 14, 2021, the National Foundation for Gun Rights issued a cease and desist letter where it demanded the San Jose Mayor and the City Council to stop their attempt to subject law-abiding gun owners to taxes simply for exercising their right to bear arms.

For those with short-term memory, the San Jose City Council unanimously voted on June 19 to draft an ordinance subjecting gun owners to a mandatory fee that covers the costs of “gun violence.” On top of that, the City Council voted to force gun owners to buy gun liability insurance. 

Despite the City Council’s zealous efforts to pass this ordinance, the elected officials admitted in a press release that “criminals won’t obey these mandats”, therefore making lawful gun owners have to assume the burden.

“This a full-frontal assault on lawful gun owners by the gun control zealots running the city of San Jose,” asserted Dudley Brown, Executive Director of the National Foundation for Gun Rights. “The city brazenly admits in their own press release that the burden of extra insurance and fees will ONLY be on the law-abiding.”

As of now, the National Foundation for Gun Rights is entertaining all legal options to oppose the mandatory gun tax and the heavy-handed, mandatory insurance scheme citizens are forced to buy just for exercising their sacred right to bear arms.

“Punishing law-abiding gun owners for the actions of criminals is the kind of insane behavior NFGR has come to expect from bureaucrat gun control idiots like the ones that run San Jose,” remarked Brown.

California is an anti-gun bastion, through and through. In the past 50 years, it has become notorious for violating the right to bear arms — one of the minarchist features of America’s political system — through its plethora of gun control laws and regulations passed at the state, county, and municipal levels.

Conventional politics will likely be out of the question for restoring gun rights in the Golden State. In the meantime, legal action will probably be the only remedy for staving off further gun control attempts in California now that it has become clear that its state legislature will be solidly blue for a while.