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Jake Sullivan, President Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor, could not come up with a clear answer during Monday’s White House press briefing on how rigorous the vetting process is for people who illegally cross the southern border as the crisis continues.

“How many people crossing the border that the U.S. government has no idea, like estimates of how many people are crossing, aren’t giving their names, aren’t giving IDs, aren’t able to verify who they are?” a reporter asked.

“So we do have estimates of how many encounters there are on the border on a daily basis, we have processes and procedures in place to identify those individuals, to process them in an orderly fashion and then to do what is appropriate based on that processing,” Sullivan said. “We have believed that that system is a system that does an effective job of being able to determine who is coming across the border and what the right way to deal with their case is.”

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