Posted BY: Amber Crawford

At a NATO meeting on Sunday, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg acknowledged the possibility of Ukraine winning the war against Russia. The UK’s defense ministry also reported that Russia has lost one-third of its ground forces in Ukraine.

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“Russia is not achieving its strategic objectives,” said Stoltenberg. “President Putin wants Ukraine defeated, NATO down and Europe and North America divided. But Ukraine stands, NATO is stronger than ever. Europe and North America are solidly united. Ukraine can win this war.”

After effectively forcing Russian troops out of the capital region of Kyiv, Ukrainians have continued to stall Russian offensive attacks in the Donbas region. Ukrainians have also successfully recaptured key towns and villages.

President Volodymyr Zelensky also reiterated this belief that his country can defeat Russia. “The occupiers still do not want to admit that they are in a dead-end and their so-called ‘special operation’ has already gone bankrupt,” Zelensky said. “But the moment will surely come when the Ukrainian people will force the invaders to fully recognize reality.”