Source: Joe Hoft

A Naval Commander has sued Vice Admiral Nowell of the Navy (above) for creating a fraudulent process for requesting a right to deny taking the COVID vaccine.

An Article 1150, U.S. Navy Regulations, Complaint of Wrongs filed against Vice-Admiral Nowell alleging a violation of Constitutional rights under the First and Fifth Amendments through a violation of 42 U.S.C. 2000bb-1, DODINST 1300.17, and BUPERSINST 1730.11A is provided below.

In this complaint, filed by a commander in the Navy, he claims to show the following reasons why his rights were taken away when he opted to refuse to take the COVID jab.  He demonstrates the systematic intentional religious discrimination that the Navy, and presumably the other services, have designed into their SOP for determining Religious Accommodations.

I will demonstrate in this complaint that I have been wronged by Vice Admiral Nowell’s violations of law and regulations through his use of the DCNO(N1) SOP process in denying my request for religious accommodation. Specifically, I will use the DCNO(N1) SOP to demonstrate 1) that the disapproval of my religious accommodation request was pre-determined, 2) that the letter Vice Admiral Nowell sent disapproving my religious accommodation request was a form template, and 3) that the case-by-case review of my request required by law and regulation was a fraud designed to have the appearance of following regulation but was actually conducted after my disapproval letter was written, all DCNO(N1) documentation supporting my disapproval was packaged, and all intermediate routing steps of my religious accommodation request was completed.

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Below is the above text in the filing.

Below is the filing with the Navy: