Source: thehill, si, sportico

The scaled-down Democratic National Convention is over and former VP Joe Biden has been coronated as the nominee but outside of the media, America was unimpressed. 

Ratings are way down for Democrats, a sign that the election may not turn out the way that they are hoping but that can be expected for a party that is openly racist and has sanctioned ongoing violent riots in many major cities. 

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How bad were the ratings for the convention? 

They were crushed by the “woke” National Basketball Association with the first-round playoff games outdrawing Biden and the cavalcade of perverts, criminals, and commies who were trotted out by the DNC. 

Multiple news outlets have spent a lot of time focusing on ratings for broadcasts of NBA games, and the evidence shows those ratings have not been great.

But so far, the league appears to be drawing more eyeballs than programming on other networks — and that includes no less than the Democratic National Convention, according to Anthony Crupi of sports-business website Sportico.

“If the first day of playoff action didn’t exactly set the Nielsen meters on fire, the games still outperformed everything on broadcast TV,” Crupi reported. “Even the lowest-rated of the four telecasts easily out-delivered the networks’ coverage of the Democratic National Convention, while the Mavs-Clippers outing that aired directly opposite the NBC, CBS and ABC broadcasts crushed Joe Biden’s opening night in the 18-49 demo. (In fact, you’d have to add up all three networks’ demo 10 p.m. deliveries to equal ESPN’s performance in the hour.)”

The NBA playoffs began Monday on the Disney campus, and despite playing a season in August and being forced to go head-to-head with the NHL and MLB, the league’s TV ratings seem to be steadying after a rocky restart.

Per Crupi, “the first day of the coronavirus-delayed 2020 NBA playoffs put up some unexceptional numbers on ESPN Monday, as the four-game set averaged 1.72 million viewers, a 1.2 household rating and a little more than 940,000 adults 18-49.”

Getting drubbed by a sports league that has seen a 40 percent drop-off from last year’s playoff ratings is not a good omen for Democrats. 

The good news is that fewer viewers meant that there was a smaller audience for lyin’ Biden’s despicable promotion of the Charlottesville good people on “both sides” hoax that Dilbert creator Scott Adams has referred to as the “tentpole f**king hoax that makes people who are stupid and believe the fake news think that it’s ALL true.” 

Other than lousy ratings, the other thing that the NBA and Biden have in common is that they are both accustomed to sucking up to China.