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The IRS has experienced a significant increase in its workforce, marking a hiring spree of 13% year-over-year (YoY) and reaching a headcount of nearly 90,000 employees. Commissioner Danny Werfel shared this development, highlighting that it’s the highest number of employees in over a decade. This expansion contrasts with last year’s count of 79,070 full-time workers. The last time the IRS employed more than 90,000 staff members was in 2012, with a figure of 90,280 full-time equivalent positions. The agency’s headcount had dipped below 80,000 in 2015 but has now increased.

The surge in staffing can be attributed in part to the Inflation Reduction Act, which initially allocated $80 billion for new employee hires but was later reduced to $60 billion due to bipartisan negotiations. Werfel dispelled the notion of an “army of armed IRS agents” and emphasized the agency’s commitment to enhancing taxpayer services and addressing national needs.

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Despite recent tragic incidents, like an accidental shooting at an Arizona range involving an IRS employee, the agency aims to utilize funding effectively. The IRA allocation facilitates meaningful changes to provide better service to taxpayers. The IRS’s focus on hiring extends to its Criminal Investigation Division, aiming to increase enforcement officers by 1,200 over five years to combat tax evasion and fraud. While a small percentage of agents (3%) are armed, the agency seeks to ensure the safety of its personnel in high-risk situations.

The recent expansion includes IRS efforts to recruit from diverse fields, including accounting and law firms, in pursuit of tackling tax evasion by affluent individuals. Data scientists are also being brought on board to enhance investigative capabilities. In conclusion, the IRS has substantially expanded its workforce, with its employee count reaching nearly 90,000 after a 13% YoY hiring surge. This marks the highest number of employees over a decade, reflecting the agency’s dedication to improving taxpayer services and addressing fiscal challenges. The increase in staffing includes plans to bolster the Criminal Investigation Division and recruit specialized professionals, all while ensuring the safety of its agents. The funding allocation from the Inflation Reduction Act has facilitated this growth and enabled the IRS to open Taxpayer Assistance Centers to serve taxpayers better nationwide.