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Nestle is airlifting baby formula to the US from the Netherlands and Switzerland amid the crisis as the FDA orders Abbott Laboratories to overhaul its safety protocols before production can restart – a process that could take months.

Abbott, the largest formula supplier in America, hasn’t given a timeline for reopening and stockpiles have been found in migrant camps. 

Nestle Switzerland, the owner of Gerber baby food, said it would airlift Gerber Good Start Extensive HA and Alfamino baby formula from its Netherland and Switzerland locations. 

The company is prioritizing these formulas to help babies that are allergic to cow milk protein, a spokesperson told Bloomberg

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Nestle and Danone, another Swiss company, both said they were upping production, with Nestle saying its factories are running at capacity to offer more of its product at brick-and-mortar and online stores, as well as in hospitals, Bloomberg reported.

Danone is pushing to increase production further and have offered a list of recommended substitutes on its website to help stressed parents. 

‘Our manufacturing facility is running at maximum capacity and we are prioritizing production of our top-selling infant formulas,’ a spokesperson told Bloomberg. ‘High demand has impacted our formula availability.’ 

Abbott Laboratories, where the baby formula shortage began after being linked to a case of rare bacterial infection, has announced it would re-open a Michigan plant to help with the shortage. 

However, the Justice Department announced that in order for the reopening to happen, Abbott must overhaul its safety protocols before production can start – a process that could take several months. 

Once Abbott has overhauled its safety protocols and has FDA approval, the formula manufacturer said it could restart the site within two weeks, according to M Live

If it re-opens, the factory will prioritize EleCare, Alimentum and metabolic formulas and then start making Similac and others.

Once the factory is up and running, parents are expected to start seeing the products six to eight weeks after.