The Biden Regime continues to interfere in Israeli domestic politics, supporting radical, violent leftists,  seeking to prevent judicial reform and fostering a coup.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the judicial reform legislation would be frozen to allow for negotiations.

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Thousands of radical leftist insurrectionists rioted in Israel this week, seeking to stop judicial reform to rein in the out-of-control leftist supreme court. 15 insurrectionists tied themselves to the entrance of the Knesset in Jerusalem Thursday morning.

In Tel Aviv, left-wing protestors attacked police barriers on Monday, while in Jerusalem, police clashed with left-wing demonstrators, who attempted to storm the Prime Minister’s Residence and broke through protective barriers. Police were forced to use water canons against the Biden-supported insurrectionists.

A haredi couple who were driving through Tel Aviv on Sunday night found themselves in the midst of an anti-judicial reform demonstration. The demonstrators surrounded the car and proceeded to attack them, lynching the husband, Israel National News reported. “They banged on the car and shouted curses at us. There was no option to drive in reverse, and my husband stopped when he saw that the protesters were blocking the road. When he stopped, they surrounded us again, banged on the car, and tried to break the windows”, the woman recalls. “The whole time I was screaming so people would see that we were just a lost couple and not someone who wants to cause harm,” she states. “My husband said he’ll open the door so they won’t break the window. We didn’t do anything. What do you want? They began beating him up. They got into the back of the car since the back seat was folded down. They beat him, I saw the blood, and he told me, ‘take me to the hospital. I can’t see out of this eye, and I’m going to faint.’ I cried. I asked them to let us go, and they just continued.”

“A small group of anarchists and power elites held the entire country hostage, shutting down airports, hospitals, and malls. Chain stores shuttered their gates. Unions went on strike, and the economy and security of the nation hung in the balance”, Jewish Press wrote.

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