Mom suffers involuntary spasms, clicks and whistles in wake of vaccination

Source: Adan Salazar

A Washington mom blames Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine for causing her body to experience involuntary neurological tics, including muscle twitches and tremors that make her whistle and click uncontrollably.

In a video uploaded to Facebook last week, Tacoma resident Kellai Strodriguez explained the events that led to her severe adverse reactions, all the while unable to control her body movements.

“I don’t have any control over what my body is doing. My eyes, my head, my mouth, the whistles, the clicks. The only thing that seems to help is tapping, which is why I keep trying to do this [taps side of face]. Music, if I tap to the beat, usually I can stop doing it for a while.”

According to Strodriguez, she began suffering tremors and muscle spasms shortly after receiving her second Moderna dose back on May 5. After contracting Covid twice, doctors had reportedly told her a third Covid diagnosis could be fatal.

“When I got my vaccine, I got it because my doctors told me that if I got Covid again that there was a very high chance that I would not make it this time, that I would die,” Strodriguez explained.

After 57 days, however, Strodriguez, who also has fibromyalgia, now suffers severe neurological issues, and clicks and hums randomly and uncontrollably at times.

“This is day 3 of tremors and now I’m whistling,” she says, adding that sometimes having the weight of a heavy dog laying on her helps stop the convulsions.

Strodriguez says she was nearly suicidal a week ago, but was prevented from going through with it because of her ailment.

“I almost killed myself a week and a half ago and the only reason I didn’t was because I couldn’t move.”