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Pennsylvania Democratic senatorial candidate John Fetterman‘s disastrous debate performance Tuesday night came despite experiencing most of the improvement he is likely to see following a stroke in May, according to one neurologist.

Clues to the current Keystone State lieutenant governor’s cognitive problems had arisen before he squared off against Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz in their only debate of the campaign. But the extent of Fetterman’s struggles to hear, process and respond to questions was on full display in the debate, in which he gave a litany of incoherent answers to questions that were displayed for him on a closed captioning system.

“From watching the debate, I do think he has a type of aphasia, specifically Broca’s aphasia, which essentially means there’s been some type of insult or damage to the part of the brain where language is produced but also language is understood,” Dr. Huma Sheikh, a neurologist specializing in migraines and strokes told NewsNation host Chris Cuomo after the debate. “It’s hard to tell from this how much his comprehension is impaired because that requires different testing.”

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