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Newly released documents have indeed shed further light on the extensive network of influential individuals connected to Jeffrey Epstein. The files obtained include personal numbers and email addresses and provide details about his relationships with various high-profile individuals.

The late financier, infamous for his sex trafficking operation, had a network that crossed borders, industries, and even royal families. The documents, procured from Epstein’s estate by the US Virgin Islands government during its investigation, provide an alarming insight into Epstein’s relationships with the world’s elite, even after his sex offender registration.

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Among the powerful figures, Epstein had links with British royalty, and several notable Americans according to docs obtained by The Daily Mail.

Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, was a frequent name within Epstein’s circles. Epstein reportedly used the Duke’s name in attempts to persuade JP Morgan to let him serve as an intermediary for affluent clients. Records also show efforts to arrange meetings with Sarah Ferguson, suggesting financial discussions between the Duchess of York and Epstein.

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