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Atlanta police have named 23 of the 35 Antifa extremists who they say assaulted their police officers and torched the future cop training facility which has been nicknamed “Cop City.”

Only two are from Georgia. As first reported by Fox 5 Atlanta, all have been charged with domestic terrorism.

Here are the suspects’ identities. Fox News first obtained them:

France: Dimitri LeNy Canada: Fredrique Robert-Paul

Massachusetts: Ayla King, Alexis Paplai, and Timothy Bilodeau

Arizona: Samuel Ward and Max Biederman.

New York: Mattia Luini and Priscilla Grim

Wisconsin: Kayley Meissner and Grace Martin.

Kamryn Pipes is from Louisiana. Maggie Gates is from Indiana. Ehret Nottingham is from Colorado. Victor Puertas is from Utah. Amin Chaoui is from Virginia. James Marsicano is from North Carolina. Emma Bogush is from Connecticut. Luke Harper is from Florida. Colin Dorsey is from Maine. And Zoe Larmey is from Tennessee.

The only two suspected perpetrators from Georgia are Thomas Jurgens and Jack Beaman.

Here are their mugshots courtesy of the Atlanta Police Department:

As previously reported by The Gateway Pundit, the site of the future cop training center in Atlanta was put under lockdown after a massive fire caused by Antifa militants destroyed the construction site Sunday night.

Antifa extremists tossed fireworks, Molotov cocktails, rocks, and bricks at the police officers and the construction equipment.

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Here is some of the horrifying footage:

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