Source: Dan Lyman

Photographs show alleged migrants walking off the charter planes into waiting coach buses at Jacksonville airport

Authorities in Florida are digging for information about the Biden regime’s covert flights bringing illegal aliens into their state, according to reports.

Nearly 80 planes carrying illegals have quietly landed in Jacksonville under cover of darkness in recent months, Florida’s public safety czar Larry Keefe told the Washington Examiner earlier this month. Get back in the game, jump on our major sale at the store now!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis immediately ordered an investigation into the matter, which federal agencies are apparently stonewalling.

However, new documents provided to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) indicate at least 78 such flights have indeed arrived in Jacksonville in the past six months.

“FDLE developed a reliable and confidential source who provided information about numerous flights coming into Jacksonville from various locations transporting what was believed to be potential illegal immigrants,” an FDLE spokeswoman told News4Jax.

Some of those documents were provided to the local media outlet, as well as photographs of alleged migrants walking off a charter plane at night into coach buses guarded by police.

Many of the flights apparently originated in border states such as Texas and Arizona, but some data generate more questions than answers.

“Not all of the records News4Jax received made sense. One flight came from Ireland, for example, and another involves the National Guard. News4Jax has asked the state to clarify,” the outlet reported.

Congresswoman Kat Cammack blasted the regime for leaving the southern border open at great risk and expense to American citizens.

“It’s absolutely unacceptable and it’s a complete national security threat, as well as a threat to our local communities if we have no idea who is coming. Because quite frankly, there’s been no vetting, there’s been no identification and that’s a problem,” Cammack told News4Jax.

“We have sent congressional inquiry after congressional inquiry,” she explained. “Quite frankly, the administration needs to stop inviting them to come here. When you have a reconciliation bill this week that we’re going to be voting on that grants mass amnesty for people who come here illegally. That’s a magnet.”