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  • The Facts:
    • Newly surfaced documents show the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) falsely claimed that Freedom Convoy protestors were armed.
    • Coincidently, the Canadian government invoked the Emergencies Act just four hours after the claim that protesters were arming themselves.
    • The Freedom Convoy protests were peaceful, with no injuries, deaths or city damage regardless of its massive size.
    • Legacy media largely misrepresented the nature of the protests.
  • Reflect On:
    • What was the impact of public perception on this event given what mainstream media stated? And how does that completely change what people think of these people and the event?
    • Will new facts, that consistently emerge, that show mainstream media was misleading ever change the perspectives of people who are misinformed about this event?
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On February 14, 2022, the same day the cabinet invoked the Emergencies Act in an attempt to shut down the Canadian Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) falsely claimed that the protestors were armed.

Ottawa Police Service (OPS) interim chief Steve Bell has confirmed that no weapons were found among protestors after Blacklock’s Reporter shared internal documents showing just that. Weapons were never found, and there was no reason whatsoever to assume or believe that the Freedom Convoy protestors in Ottawa were armed.

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