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There has been renewed interest in the origins of Covid and the lab leak theory this week following the release of further emails between senior U.S. Government health official Dr. Anthony Fauci and others as they conspired in early February 2020 to counter the theory and suppress it.

The first thing to note is that the emails confirm that those involved – Fauci, Jeremy Farrar of the Wellcome Trust and CEPI, U.K. Chief Scientist Patrick Vallance, Kristian Andersen from Scripps, Germany’s Christian Drosten, and more – were not aware prior to late January that the virus was likely to be of lab origin. The question appears to be raised with Fauci by Kristian Andersen via Jeremy Farrar on January 31st, 2020. Fauci responds that a group of evolutionary biologists should get together “as soon as possible” to examine the data carefully and that “if everyone agrees with this concern, they should report it to the appropriate authorities”. Notably, Fauci does not seem to know who that is, but says he “would imagine that in the USA this would be the FBI and in the U.K. it would be MI5”. There is no indication here of cover-up instructions having previously been received.

On February 2nd, Fauci writes that “like all of us, I do not know how this evolved”, and Farrar writes, “on a spectrum if 0 is nature and 100 is released – I am honestly at 50”. On February 4th, Farrar clarifies that in his view it’s “probably not” engineered but it might have come from lab work in other ways:

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“Engineered” probably not. Remains very real possibility of accidental lab passage in animals to give glycans… Eddie [Edward Holmes] would be 60:40 lab side. I remain 50:50…

Christian Drosten, on February 9th, wonders where the idea came from in the first place: “Who came up with this story in the beginning? Are we working on debunking our own conspiracy theory?” He adds that he thought the aim of their discussions was to challenge a “certain theory”: “Didn’t we congregate to challenge a certain theory, and if we could, drop it?” The “certain theory” is understood by others to be the linking of the virus to HIV as found in a January 2020 pre-print.

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