“What are our adversaries doing in buying up technology?” asked Rep. Austin Scott (R-Ga.).

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Georgia Republican Rep. Austin Scott, a new member on the House Intelligence Committee, hopes the panel will investigate efforts by unfriendly foreign powers to insert themselves into U.S. food and technology supply chains.

“One of the things that I expect us to look into, and hopefully look into, is where our adversaries have embedded themselves in the supply chain of basic necessities for Americans,” Scott said on the John Solomon Reports podcast. 

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“I talk about food a lot, because it’s one of the things that we have to have to get through the day,” Scott explained. “What are our adversaries doing in buying up technology and embedding themselves into areas where you have constraints in seed supply or chemical supply, for example? There’s also potential control over transportation and infrastructure.”

Some U.S. governors have already taken action. South Dakota passed a law four decades ago banning foreign ownership of most farmland in the state, but Republican Gov. Kristi Noem told Just the News last month that she is searching for ways to block Beijing from making end-runs around that state ban via long-term rentals.

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