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The chances of being hit by a meteorite are one in 840 million. That’s why one New Jersey family was perplexed when a meteorite pierced their home’s roof.

The Guardian reports that a possible meteorite struck a house in Hopewell Township, New Jersey, causing damage but luckily not injuring the homeowners. The event occurred on Monday, May 8, when the metallic object struck Suzy Kop’s father’s bedroom.

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Authorities Now Investigating the Mysterious Event

The rock, which resembles a shining piece of metal, is roughly 4 inches by 6 inches in size and pierced the house’s roof, struck a hardwood floor, ricocheted up to the ceiling, created another hole, and dropped back to the ground, local authorities report.

Relevant organizations have already been contacted to determine whether or not the object is a meteorite. The College of New Jersey has been called in order to determine whether the item originated on Earth or in space.

Suzy Kop, who discovered the object, stated that the meteorite was warm when she picked it up, and emergency services assessed the inhabitants for radiation or any other potentially dangerous residues. Fortunately, everything checked out fine.

The town has urged citizens to search their yards for meteorite bits. 

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