Source: Rick Fuentes

For much of the past forty years and more often at government expense, Phil Murphy has surrounded himself with a well-armed and trained private and public security force, first as a bigwig with Goldman Sachs, then as U.S. ambassador to Germany for Barack Obama, and now as governor of the deep-blue Garden State that narrowly elected him to a second term amidst an unforeseen red wave of discontent at the ballot box.  Along the way, his dogma evolved from boardroom idealism to political progressivism, an evolution familiar to those of moneyed privilege and far removed from the trials of life on Main Street.

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One would think that an electoral narrow escape in a state accommodating a three-to-one Democrat majority would force an epiphany regarding one’s causes célèbre.  With the courage of a lame duck, Murphy is instead approaching his second inauguration by doubling down, tacking hard left to focus upon his party’s playbook — offering sanctuary and free money to tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, pushing hate curricula in grade school, still surrendering legalized marijuana consumption to the black market, and rendering the citizenry defenseless through gun control schemes.