Posted BY: Anthony Scott

Several recent pictures of Joe Biden’s hand, have many users on Twitter believing he has recently been administered an IV.

A picture of Joe Biden giving a speech at a campaign event for Democratic gubernatorial candidate of Florida Charlie Crist shows that Biden’s hand may have recently been punctured by an IV or is recovering from punctual wounds.

M.D. Nan Hayworth took to Twitter to comment on the photo and stated “Not making a diagnosis here, but those marks on Mr. Biden’s hand do resemble the residua of punctures. Usually, blood draws are done from the antecubital (inside of the elbow) vein. Intravenous lines are often inserted in the hands.”


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Dr. Hayworth’s medical opinion shouldn’t be considered lightly considering she obtained a biology degree from Princeton University in 1981 and followed it up with a medical degree from Cornell University in 1985.

This isn’t the first time the wound has been seen, days earlier at a campaign event for Governor Kathy Hochul of New York, Biden’s hands once again were marked by the same wound.

This is not the first time Joe Biden has appeared in public with IV marks on his hands.