MCLEAN, Virginia: A survey conducted by USA Today/Suffolk University showed President Joe Biden’s job approval rating fell to a new low of just 37.8 percent, but the news was even worse for Vice President Kamala Harris.

The survey, which was released on Monday, also showed 59 percent of Americans disapprove of the president, whose ratings have been falling since August.

The poll suggested only 27.8 percent approved of Harris’ performance as vice president, while 51.2 percent disapproved.

The poll results were released exactly one year before the 2022 midterm elections, and indicate the Democrats retaining control of both the House and Senate will be difficult to achieve.

The survey found 46 percent of Americans said they would vote for a Republican congressional candidate if elections were held today, while 38 percent said they would back a Democrat.

It also found 46 percent thought Biden has performed worst than expected, of whom 16 percent voted for him in the last election.

However, of greatest concern to the administration is the fact that 64 percent of respondents said Biden should not run for a second term in 2024, including 28 percent of Democrats.

The survey also found 58 percent are opposed to former President Donald Trump running again in 2024, of whom 24 percent were Republicans.

If the 2020 presidential election to be held in three years featured the same candidates, 44 percent said they would vote for Trump, while only 40 percent said would vote for Biden.

Congress fared even worse in the polls, with 75 percent of respondents disapproving of the performance of Capitol Hill lawmakers, while just 12 percent approved.

Congressional Democrats have a 29 percent favorable rating, but Republicans fared slightly better at 35 percent.