Say it’s inappropriate for children.

Posted BY: Paul Joseph Watson

A new Rasmussen poll shows a strong majority of Americans think Drag Queen Story Time is inappropriate for children.

According to Mark Mitchell, the head pollster at Rasmussen, the question alone had “riled up about the most hate in any survey” he had ever conducted, emphasizing the fury amongst Americans the issue has caused in recent years.

1000 Americans were asked how appropriate they thought it was that Drag Queen Story Time existed.

The event revolves around men dressed as women reading stories to young children, often in public libraries or schools, ostensibly as part of an effort to expose kids to LGBT culture in a bid to promote ‘tolerance’ at a young age.

The poll found that 44% of Americans thought it was “not at all” appropriate for children, and another 16% judging it to be “not very” appropriate, while 10% said they were not sure.

Only 11% of voters thought the event was “very appropriate” for children, while 28% said they were “somewhat appropriate.”

Women were slightly more positive towards the event than men, while, perhaps unsurprisingly, government employees were the most likely to approve.

Along party lines, 79% of Republicans disapproved of Drag Queen Story Time, while Democrats were split 47% in support and 41% against.

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In terms of age groups, 46% of people aged 19-39 said it was appropriate, compared to 71% of adults aged 40-64 and 77% of adults over 65 who said the event was inappropriate.

71% said the event should not be taxpayer funded in comparison to just 14% who said the taxpayer should foot the bill.

“Drag queen story hour seems like a topic that has been heavily championed by the left, and yet it can’t get to a majority of support among Democrats,” Mitchell said. “But at the same time, Democrats are just not willing to condemn the practice in large numbers.”

It’s no surprise that many Americans are vehemently opposed to the event given how it has been exploited by sexual predators and pedophiles to get closer to kids.

Back in March 2021, the former head of the Cream City Foundation, which sponsors Drag Queen Story Hour in Milwaukee, was arrested on charges of possessing child pornography.

In 2019, it was revealed that the Houston Public Library allowed a registered sex offender to read to children as part of Drag Queen Story Hour.

One of the program’s drag queens, 32-year-old Alberto Garza, was convicted of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old boy in 2008.

We have highlighted numerous instances where drag queens have engaged in overtly sexual behavior in front of children during Drag Queen Story Time events, including an incident in the UK where a drag queen taught toddlers how to twerk and another who flashed children a glimpse of his crotch during an event in Minnesota.

Meanwhile, advertisers and supermarket giants in the UK are once again using festive commercials to socially engineer the British public.