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Joe Biden is now running for re-election, after delaying an announcement for what seemed like an inordinately long time, but finally making it official on Tuesday, April 25.

Two things that happened right before the announcement are worth noting. One, the media seemed to pitch an effort to show he was too old and Americans wanted other people, with even CNN going there.

Then the other interesting thing was Susan Rice suddenly resigned as Biden’s domestic policy advisor.

So, what does that mean? Was there an effort to talk him out of running again that failed? Did he decide not to step aside which caused the Obama connection — Susan Rice — to bail out of what they saw as a sinking ship? Because that’s what it looks like to me.

Then we saw a whistleblower come forward with the story about an FBI form that details a specific bribery scheme for action between Joe Biden and a foreign national. If that’s true, that could be big trouble for Joe Biden. Why is that coming forward now? That also seems interesting, in the greater question of his running again. And will there be more things to drop?

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Rice leaving raises a new question: who exactly is steering this sinking ship? Ron Klain, the man whom people used to talk about as being in charge, is gone. Now Rice, the Obama connection, is gone, too. Things were already so bad; who is at the helm here? We know there are still folks behind the scenes directing Biden’s every move. But has there been a break within the powers that be, with the Obama connection ducking out?

As I wrote earlier, Americans are savvy; they’re not buying what Biden and Harris are trying to sell, and they know the pair have done a very bad job.

But according to a new Rasmussen poll, 73 percent of Americans think his age is a serious or somewhat serious problem. That includes huge percentages of independents and Democrats. A significant majority also don’t believe that Biden is running the ship.

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